In order to receive a payday loan, the successful applicant must be eligible for it and should answer the following requirements:
• To be of 18 years of age or older;
• To be a United States of America citizen;
• To have a steady income that could be verified;
• To have a checking account, which can accept direct deposits;
• To have a debit card.

We at My-Green-and-White know well why you cave contacted us. We also know that you need the money fast and that is why we act immediately. Each application we receive is carefully considered concerning the requirements stated above. If we have to turn down an application, we give our clients the reasons.

The clients of My-Green-and-White should all understand that the nature of the payday loan differs from that of the other loans. This is a short-term cash advance sum taken in case of emergencies that is to be paid shortly. The payday loan is not a solution for serious financial issues with long-term aspect.

All employees at My-Green-and-White work carefully and responsively and the procedures we arrange comply with the financial authorities requirements. Our aim is to help, but also to make sure that both parties are absolutely protected.

No matter how careful you are with your finances and how precise budget plan you have made for the month, sometimes unexpected things happen and this is normal. This is life. So, instead of beating yourself up for the extra sum at the dentist, the children’s trip from school to the nearest landmark or that birthday present you had forgotten to include in the expenditures list, better think about a solution. Everyone has had financial difficulties, so do not be too harsh on yourself. On the contrary, in case you happen to be in such a situation look for a suitable decision. One of the best ways to find money in a fast way is to apply for a payday loan. The payday loans are arranged for short periods of time and have an easy application process, followed by quick release of the money requested for. The applicant however needs to remember to return the sum on the date stated in the contract with the lender.

Very popular during the recent years, the payday advance is a quick loan that is tailor-made for people who are in need of small sums of money for a short period of time. The payday advance requires an application procedure and if approved, the client needs to return the money along with the interest rate when one gets the next pay day cheque. If the payday loan sum borrowed is returned earlier, no charges are applied. The applicants are approved by a tea of professionals and their approval depends on a few main factors. The first condition for getting such loan is for the applicant to be a US citizen, to be 18 years of age or older, to have a regular income, as well as to own a bank account and a debit card.

My-Green-and-White team always informs the clients that the fast cash loans are a solution only for short-term financial problems that are expected to be solved soon. The payday loan is not a good answer for more serious financial problems, but on the contrary. The fast cash loans come with higher interest rate compared to the traditional bank loans. Payday lenders offer the clients an easy solution, a fast answer but set a higher interest rate and want the sum to be paid on the exact date, as agreed. The same payday lenders are not working with clients who are under the age of 18, as they are not legally allowed to sign the contracts.

The clients of My-Green-and-White get the loan fast but agree on paying the high fee, in case they are unable to pay back the sum taken in time. The payday loans are organized online, including the signing of the documents. The taxes due are organized in advance and usually reach 25% of each hundred dollars that are borrowed.

Payday loans are as serious as all other loans and that is why the clients who are in need of them should think carefully whether they will be able to cover the sum borrowed plus the interest rate before or on the date set in the contract. When a client is not able to cover the sum taken on its due date, he or she will need to cover a charge for a late payment.

We at My-Green-and-White know that sometimes the credit score of our clients is not brilliant and we are not that interested in it. We do want to make sure however that our clients will be able to return the money borrowed along with the interest rate. That is why at certain occasions we might ask to see some additional papers. This will be of great usage for us to make our decision whether or not a certain client should get an approval. If yes, then we will get the client in contact with the loan lenders.

We work with regular and new clients and our aim is to form long-lasting relations. That is why we try to offer our clients the best possible service. We never push our clients into taking payday loans, rather we make them consider the payday loan carefully and come to us if they think that they can afford to return the money borrowed.

The online payday loans are very useful solution in case you need a certain amount of money and plan to return it fast together with the interest rate. The payday loans are not solution for solving long-term financial difficulties. These cash loans are designed for small amounts of money that need to be returned in a short period of time. So, get a quick loan now and pay it back with your next payday cheque. With the helping hand of My-Green-and-White, our clients can get back in the game, becoming the masters of their financial situation.